The Studio Gets an Online Upgrade

Thanks to all the help I've gotten from the Small Business Development Center I decided it was time to invest in a website to actually be proud of. Here you guys can communicate with me, comment on my posts, shop online, and finally see the high-quality versions of my images, rather than Facebook's attempt at sharpening, or my previous websites random misplacement of images. 

I want to take a moment and extend gratitude to all those helping me in my journey including Mo, and everyone else at the SBDC and who volunteered their time for the Leading Edge program. Thanks Mike Butler for connecting me with LEGI and for offering moral support and advice. Thank you to Theresa Picker Law for offering your time, and for letting me walk out with assurance rather than confused. And thank you to Lynn and Kaeli Owens for always being around to help. And last but not least, thank you customers, for without you I would not be here pursuing this dream.