Family Photos with the Boulder Humane Society

There's just something about this time of year that brings people together. Perhaps it's the cold and everyone wanting to huddle together, or maybe, despite the retail world trying to turn it into a good sales month, the holidays are when we really do give thanks for what and who we have. We get so excited and do our best to find things our loved ones would like, and travel long distances to see faces we haven't seen for months; perhaps longer. We're marking another year, recapping what the year brought us, or what we brought to it, and the part I get to help with: Family Photos! For November and December I get to help people take photos of their furry friends to remember how Dixie once fit inside a pumpkin but now won't fit in your lap, or how many more grey furs Mr. Snuffles has on his chin, or just how adorable Molly's overbite is every year. 

For $100 clients get a fifteen minute session with their pets and 10 images, or clients can upgrade to $250 and get a full 45 minutes and most of their images to do with as they choose. The first $100 all goes to the Boulder Humane Society. And of course, if you get a pet session now, I'll always entertain a discount clients come back to me for a more human portrait session. 

With that in mind, here's a few with Molly: