Ellen Wilkin

Ellen came to me with so many ideas that I couldn't wait to work with her. 

Most of these images are up on the Facebook page, but I wanted to share a few others here. Below is an image I shot while Nissa was getting Ellen's hair and make-up ready for her Mary Chase photos. Mary Chase is the author of Harvey, a successful play involving a 6'3 and a half" tall bunny rabbit (and great flick with Jimmy Stewart I believe.) I sometimes wish I worked in photojournalism, because I've fallen in love with this in-the-moment shot.

And below are some of her Gil Elvgren inspired shots from his painting "Gentlemen Prefer...?" Ellen throws a "Diva party" every year where people gather to do poetry jams and karaoke etc. and the most important aspect is dressing up as a character, so Ellen has QUITE the wardrobe after many years as a hostess, so this image was meant for her. 

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