Portrait Session

Looking for a traditional photo session for you and your significant others? Retro Perspective wants to take your portraits! See the portfolio for seniors, engagements, pets, events and more. Retro Perspective can also set up a photo booth area at your event!

Seniors, Engagements and Family Photos: Every situation is unique, so please contact Retro Perspective for more specific pricing and expectations. In general, a portrait session will last 45 minutes, either in studio or on location (time does not include travel). There's a standard charge of $250, which goes toward the sitting fee and a CD of images. A book, prints, gallery wraps and more are available for an additional charge. Please ask about pricing for additional time, distant locations, large groups etc. 

Photo Booth: The Retro Perspective "photo booth" is a great way to capture playful moments from your wedding or event, and is an added value and experience for your guests. The photo booth can help you relive the event, and allow your friends and family to be as silly or sassy as they want. Unlike traditional photo booths, portraits can be up close or full body. Retro Perspective is an inexpensive alternative to a traditional photo booth, and everyones pictures will be online to tag, share and laugh at after the date. All you need to provide is the floor room and an outlet, as well as any event-themed props for your guests to pose with. Prices are negotiable.


The Pin-up

Beautiful women have been artistic inspiration for centuries.
No exception to this rule, pin-up girls came into the limelight during World War II when Alberto Vargas’s “Varga Girls” became nose art for military aircraft. Soon famous actresses began posing in the style (such as Betty Grable in her iconic photo) and servicemen pinned these deadly dames in their bunkers.
Wives and girlfriends of servicemen caught on to this tradition and started having their own photos taken (by friends, of course; these were conservative times) so their pictures were pinned up next to their fella’s bedposts instead.
Many artists and models have since graced the media such as Gil Elvgren, and Bettie Page and pin-up style went mainstream into Playboy, advertising and more.

Today, pin-up photography survives as a self-expression for the modern women. Doing a pin-up is a way expose oneself, while not getting completely undressed, and always with a playful undertone. Pin-up models include everyday women, those with any body type, and even some men. Sessions are even great if you don't want to do a shoot solo. Many bridal parties get together to have a night of fun getting their photos taken, while drinking, jamming to music and celebrating girl-power. Here in the new century we approach the world with an open mind and a body-positive outlook. Retro Perspective Studio aims to be family-friendly while still sexy, fun and flattering. 

What's available to you? You get the choice of a studio experience, with various vintage props and a colored backdrop, or a location shoot of your choice. We love doing inspired-by images. Don't know what you want to do? Look at Gil Elvgren's work as he's our favorite inspiration. Additional charges may apply for specialty props or location rental if desired.

What to expect: Hair and make-up is available to you at an additional charge, and is paid directly to the artist. Yes, it's an additional cost, but remember, you're treating yourself, and having your hair and make-up done truly adds to the glamorous experience. The session, whether in studio or on location lasts approximately two hours and involves multiple outfit changes, settings etc. The investment is a flat $250 which goes towards the sitting fee which guarantees quality lighting, posing, props and your experience, and a CD of your images, including edits. Products may be purchased for an additional charge, including prints, a book, gallery wraps etc., but there is a minimum order requirement. 



Do you have a special someone oversees? Are you very proud of your recent weight loss? Are you tired of men all together and need a reason to celebrate yourself? Retro Perspective would love to make your boudoir fantasies a reality. 

Boudoir (meaning bedroom) photography grew up with a very similar past as pin-up photography. It's heyday was smaller, but more prolonged, starting in the 1920's with a few famous flapper girls, continued on with other famous women, such as Marilyn Monroe, and became even more popular in the 70s for models. As most things from the 80s we saw a slightly embarrassing stage in the industry with the proliferation of Glamour photography. (C'mon now, admit you had one done... or ask your mom to spill.) But recent years the industry has had a complete turnaround back to a more artistic approach, with exceptional images from photographers around the world photographing everyday women. From the beginning boudoir has been about luxury, about the sexiness of a woman's body, and more about the implication of nudity, or the tease of how little lingerie is on, rather than the direct exposure of the female figure. 

Now boudoir is a common gift for the bride to give to the groom as a wedding present, but doesn't have to be just for weddings. Women are even using it as an experience for themselves. With all the magazines and advertising nowadays, women retreat to their own boudoir photos to remind themselves how beautiful the human body is at any age, before all the airbrushing. Boudoir is a means of self-expression and love. 

What to expect with your shoot: Hair and make-up takes approximately an hour, and is an additional fee paid directly to the artist. The photo session is done either in studio, or at your home based on your preference and lasts approximately two hours. In the studio you have multiple backgrounds to choose from as well as a bedroom setting. There is no travel fee for residents of Boulder County, or anyone reasonably close to the area. Additional charges may apply for specialty props or location rental if desired.

The session is a $250 investment. The sitting fee is included and your investment also covers a CD with most of your images, and some touch-ups.  Contact Retro Perspective Studio for a current price list to purchase a book, prints, gallery wraps and more. Please note there is a minimum purchase order. 

What to wear: This is TOTALLY up to you. Lingerie, one-of-a-kind pieces, something oversized of your hunny's, or a basic T are all great ideas. All Marilyn wore in the lovely picture above was a sheet, so don't worry too much about not owning a $800 lingerie set. And when picking an outfit out, don't forget the shoes!